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Enterprise Programme

Our Enterprise programme is ideal for you if you’re looking to develop employability skills and have an interest in a business start up.

If you’re looking to develop these soft skills for moving into business, employment, training, education or work experience, then this programme is well suited. It’s designed by people within this industry sector with the aim of you developing an understanding of running a small business including specific skills in how to become a sustainable.

You will cover a variety of topics needed in the start up sector through both workshop and practical learning.

We work with an array of support partners in the private and public sector, universities and colleges to ensure we can guide you as you move onto a positive destination on completion of our programme.

Programme Dates

April 2017 – please register your interest fo rnext years programme.

Location – Forthbank Stadium, Stirling.

FVSE talks to Stirling Highland Games event organiser, Community Partners and games visitors.


Aged 16+ (18+ for rickshaw riders)
Interest in start up
Can commit to the programme

Further Opportunities

Further Training
Further Education
Work Experience / Volunteering

What Will I learn?

Forth Valley Social Enterprises also supports business start up by offering young people opportunities under the umbrella of the organisation. Our current enterprise activity for young people is as rickshaw riders at events and as a mode of transport in the Forth Valley. This is a hands on programme but you will develop many transferrable skills needed to run your own business whether you choose to be a rickshaw rider with us for several years or only one season.

Please register your interest by applying for a place on the next programme.

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