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Community Partners

Forth Valley Social Enterprises CIC would like to thank the following organisations for their support to date. As our Community Partner’s we cannot deliver our social aims without their support so it is very much welcomed.

Just like any other start up business Forth Valley Social Enterprises CIC needed financial support to get started.

Having struggled to even get a business account opened we eventually succeded in 2013. Unfortunately, as a new start business we did not get the necessary support from banks with loan or overdraft facilties to develop training programmes, secure facilities or purchase capital items. It’s not uncommon these days so we were just going to have to drive the business forward ourselves, raising our own funds from the services we aimed to provide.We dug deep and focused on the point where we were able to deliver our social aims, knowing we did it all ourselves through hard work and determination. That vision became reality in August 2014 when we delivered our first Core Skills in Events programme in Stirling. It was a great day!

Support Forth Valley Social Enterprises

Our goal is to help develop employability skills in young people each year through our training programme. In addition to this and due to the nature of our delivery we also look to offer CPD opportunities for volunteers. As such we need to constantly fundraise by looking to partner with like minded businesses wishing us to succeed.

There are many ways you or your business can support Forth Valley Social Enterprises CIC. The starting point as our Board say is by getting around the table and discussing how this can happen.

Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda

Private businesses realise that it is good business practice to support the communities they work in. Dependant on the size of your business you may have a corporate social responsibility (CSR) agenda in place which as a policy would address how your business is tackling its social and environmental aims. Some of your CSR interests may be within the community, internal stakeholders or supplier pipeline. Whatever your agenda we know that by becoming a Community Partner you will have opportunity to showcase the great work we do to your clients, staff and stakeholders.

Our Community & Principle Partners

A Partner is an organisation that has financially contributed to one of our training programmes or enterprising activities. In return for this support we have put various ‘Supporters Packages’ in place which gives tangible benefits such as prominent space in our advertising campaigns, included within our PR and marketing campaigns, promotion through our web sites and social media channels.

If you would like to discuss how you can support our community interest company then please get in touch.


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